Hello there! Thank you for visiting my little space on web. I am Pooja Pratheesh from Pondicherry, India. I am a self-taught baker and I started this blog in June 2015 out of my obsession for baking cakes. On this blog, I share what I learn from books, blogs and trial-and-error, the best teacher ever. For me, taste matters more than the appearance and hence, “good looking” or not, everything published on this blog has made its way entirely on merit.

Days keep me busy in my laboratory where I try to figure out why things go wayward in certain cancers. I am also a part-time baking instructor at SITA Cultural Center at Pondicherry, conducting baking classes mostly on weekends.

My evenings are spent in the lovely company of my husband, a bubbly daughter and the most playful dog.  At home, I mostly bake late nights and hence I am unable to do the step-by-step tutorials. However, if you have any doubts, clarifications or suggestions, feel free to contact me through email and I shall get back to you.

If you liked something on this blog and wish to highlight it on your blog/site, you are welcome to link back. Please ask for permission before using any content from this blog. For questions and inquiries or any other cake related help, you can reach me  at: cakecraftstudio@gmail.com


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi pooja

    I am daphne from tiruchirapalli. Nice to go thro ur blog vry interesting. How can i be a part of ur blog n knowing more things on baking. Pls add my number in ur facebook.


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