The Rainbow Cake

If none exists there already, this one would be the strongest contender to become Murphy’s law of baking:

“Soon after you place your batter filled pan inside the oven, there will be a power cut specially  if you don’t have a power back up and/or are baking after a long time and/or are doing so for some special occassion.”

And  for some reason it happens with me at an annoying frequency..

Like it happened last Saturday when we, a bunch of four baking enthusiasts, were about to bake Carrot Apple muffins and Chocolate Almond muffins (which we still managed to since we have generous neighbors with a power-back up). And sorry, no muffin pics because they were too delicious to last till the first click. No exaggeration.

But I do have a pic of something that began as a humble goal but soon turned into an highly ambitious affair with multiple power cuts amidst the baking spree. And no, I don’t trouble my neighbors for projects like these.

4 The cake was for my daughter’s seventh birthday and we had a rainbow themed party. She didn’t take long to realize that the only way this cake could be done under the given circumstances was with resilience and a ready plan B, just in case. She learnt an important lesson on her 7th. The cake was just incidental. 3



The Rainbow Cake:

7 Layers of  this wonder with batter for each one colored with these . The cakes were filled and frosted with 8 times amount of this fluffy buttercream  (you will be left with extra)

Decorate as you desire!


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